When your most technically-minded practitioners get stuck where do they turn for help? What if there was a better option than Google?

The more technically adept practitioners, such as Performance Analysts, Biomech’s, Physiologists, and even Coaches and Heads of Sport Science, end up the “go-to” people for all manner of technical issues.

Unfortunately when they themselves get stuck they have no-one to turn too.

With limited options, practitioners waste hours aimlessly searching Google for solutions.

It is frustrating and slow.

Worse, an apparent solution for one issue can then create a major issue that needs fixing somewhere else …

… and off down the rabbit hole they go.

With the best of intentions, lots of bad (but avoidable) decisions compound to create tools that are messy, hard to use and hard to update.

Practitioner built tools for data capture, reports or databases, are normally great at solving the practitioners immediate problem.

Unfortunately, rarely do they consider the wider organisation context (or even other users outside the original author …)

Practitioners also struggle to make the time to improve their tools that would make them really valuable assets for the team.

Not because they couldn’t with some support but because of the urgency of the day job. The relentless pressure to “just get the next report out-the-door.”

Everyone is doing their best of course but you wonder if there is a better, more efficient, more effective way?

External consultancy’s deliver great solutions here but they come at a cost.

With projects taking many weeks and the cheapest rates in excess of £500 per day, even the simplest innovation project ends up costing teams thousands and thousands.

Often this is simply the best way forward (and clearly we’ve built a business doing it) but it isn’t always.

What can you do then?

It is not just the cost either.

Traditionally consultancy’s offer little transfer of “know-how” back to their customers.

Yes, new the tools can dramatically improve areas of performance.

Unfortunately though your sports team’s “Organisational Data IQ” remains static.

Next time you come up against a similar problem or you want to update what you’ve already got, you are (again) stuck.

Technologies are also moving-on fast.

Your staff can feel pigeonholed and left behind.

We’ve worked with many practitioners who are considering leaving their teams only to have the opportunity to break the cycle and develop new skills.

You see the need to invest in your technical staff to keep them. But how?

What is going to be effective?

Where can you turn to for support from people who really understand high-performance sporting environments?

What if your team did have trusted help, support and guidance, to significantly improve your data, spreadsheets and reports?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could get help from people who really understood how high-performance Sports work?

What if you could get the same high quality, professional level reporting tools you’d normally outsource but at a fraction of the cost?

Imagine how much more your most technical staff could contribute if they were nurtured and guided on how to professionally innovate.

Better reports, delivered more effortlessly, do make a big difference to a Sports Team’s performance.

They help

  • develop a deeper understanding of the sport,
  • foster great relationships with coaches, management and athletes.
  • save significant time and money, through better informed, more efficiently reached decisions.

If your practitioners had personalised, step-by-step guidance on what to do next, to develop themselves, their tools and your team’s processes, plus, get instant help whenever they were stuck, imagine how much more they could offer.

Work 1-on-1 with a Technical Expert for Sports.

We’ve seen the challenges technical staff face.

Combining our motorsports, engineering, sports and business experience, we’ve successfully delivered countless tools and systems to help Sports Professionals and their high-performance Sports teams.

Over the last two Olympic cycles, we’ve worked with practitioners, coaches and management from nearly 40 different International Sports and Sports agencies.

We’ve mentored, advised and supported.

What we’re offering is no-nonsense advice you can put into action immediately.

No generic “hand-wavy” principles but insight and guidance customised specifically to meet each individuals, and each teams, development goals.

The coaching works like this:

We start with a 90-minute workshop with the practitioner. This remote session will be recorded and shared so that it can be referenced in future.

We’ll discuss the current state of their work and how it’s operating within the team. We’ll identify the individuals goals, team ambitions and anything they think might be holding them back from reaching these.

Together we’ll identify one or more Report focused innovation projects for them to complete.

Projects should be a development of an existing tool or process that is valuable to the team.

We’ll choose the first and get them to identify how it can be improved.

The projects should be achievable by them but aim to stretch their technical experience.

We’ll then provide specific, personalised, step-by-step guidance on approaching each project they do under our wing, how to overcome the challenges and reach their goals.

What the practitioner gets: 

– Every-other-week 1-on-1 Video Call. Every other week we’ll meet for 60 minutes to discuss their work, any new challenges, track progress, hold them accountable, and figure out next steps.

– Unlimited 1-on-1 Access. If they get stuck along the way, they can message us at anytime and receive a prompt, thought through response.

What the team gets:

 The Project Outcomes. The projects deliver direct value to the team via improved tools and/or processes. Firstly they will get done. Secondly, with our support, the quality of the outcomes will be high. This means the team will also realise a significant saving on what might otherwise have been outsourced.

 Motivated Practitioner. The practitioner will be enthused. They will also be armed to identify and tackle new innovation projects for the team, on their own.

In short: Your staff come with questions.

You get:

  • answers,
  • a plan,
  • help to get started,
  • help when you are stuck, and
  • support, encouragement & motivation to deliver the projects.

“Sometimes all it takes to get unstuck is talking to the right person at the right time.”

It would be a pleasure to be that support for your Sports team too.

How much is this?

1-on-1 Coaching is £1,250+VAT per month, plus any pre-agreed expenses.

It takes a little while to get traction, so we suggest an initial commitment of 3 months.

What to people have to say about us?

Excellent understanding of the sporting environment and how to bring simplicity whilst incorporating technical analysis.

Hugh Styles, Lead Podium Coach

British Sailing

I'm very happy indeed with progress.

Barry Fudge, Head of Sport Science & Endurance

British Athletics

Availability is limited

We’ve currently only got 2 slots for the 1-on-1 coaching.

Scheduling is “first come, first served.”

This could expand soon but we’re committed to keeping quality high for those currently signed-up.

Pace Insights

p.s. Our founder, Samir Abid, is an Associate Teaching Fellow at Warwick Business School. Here he supervises and marks dissertations for the schools MBA students. With a high strike rate of students getting distinctions, he’s enjoyed helping others develop. This coaching programme is based on that successful model, enabling us to help more people back in our industry.

p.p.s. Questions? Thats great. Email Samir at info at paceinsights.com