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Data Science for Sports Teams
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Sports Customers




Team Size

You are not short of data.


In fact you are swamped and it is increasingly getting out of control. You have legal, financial and operational pressures on you to sort it out.


Despite all the “marginal gains” PR the truth is that the data is in a mess and no-one in the team is really qualified to take it on.


Data management platforms are meant to address this but they fail. They are expensive, inflexible, overly-complicated, even hated. So people default back to Excel and use it with frankly, mixed ability.


To generate anything “meaningful”, by way of numbers or analysis or reports, takes an age. Data presentation can be woeful. Reports hard to follow. Data integration with others in the team, basically impossible.


You are also frustrated. Frustrated that despite all the “Big Data” stories, your team isn’t “analytics ready” enough to take advantage.


You want to get more value from this untapped resource but you’re not sure how.

Without a doubt, I'd recommend.

Rob McCracken, Performance Director

GB Boxing


what you can learn.

Because you are employed for your expertise, not to copy & paste.

how you present it.

Because numbers, charts and reports should look good too.

the pace it gets done.

Because the data can be 100x more valuable, if it’s available quickly.

Some of the ways we can enhance your teams Data Expertise

Data Strategy

Data Capture

New Insight Discovery

Data Management

Reports & Dashboards

Longitudinal Analysis

Data Integration

Workflow Automation

… by applying our Proven Approach:

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Continuous Development

Trusted Partner

Sports Experience

I'm very happy indeed with progress.

Barry Fudge, Head of Sport Science & Endurance

British Athletics

How it works …

  • Strategic Advice

    Add our experience to your leadership team. UNLIMITED access on all annual plans.

  • Diagnostic Projects

    Working out how best to solve a technical problem is hard.
    We do it for you.

  • Flexible Tokens

    Diagnostic projects recommend options. Use tokens to progress your preferred one.

excellent understanding of the sporting environment and how to bring simplicity whilst incorporating technical analysis.

Hugh Styles, Lead Podium Coach

British Sailing

We Know How Sports Teams Work


At our core is a Motorsport Engineering “can-do” attitude. What this means for you is that we know about competition. We know about deadlines and the importance of having information in a timely and clear fashion. We appreciate the implications of the decisions you’re making and the constant time pressure the team faces..

Our mission is to help your team use data to learn faster.

Since 2011 we’ve successfully delivered projects where many other “brand” names in the industry have failed. In this time, over 30 different sporting customers have trusted us to add value to their operations.

  • Bronze Plan

  • £call/year
    • Unlimited Strategic Advice
    • 2x Diagnostic / Scoping Projects
    • 8x Flexible Data Systems Tokens

  • Silver Plan

  • £call/year
    • Unlimited Strategic Advice
    • 3x Diagnostic & Scoping Projects
    • 12x Flexible Data Systems Development Tokens

  • Gold Plan

  • £call/year
    • Unlimited Strategic Advice
    • 4x Diagnostic & Scoping Projects
    • 16x Flexible Data Systems Tokens

Questions & Answers

How do I know you'll work well with my sport?

Research & Experience. In the first month we will work with you, researching your sports performance models. We’re lucky to have worked with many types of sports. We’ve also successfully delivered at all-levels, from Performance Director to graduate practitioner.

We don't have much data?

That’s fine. We’ve worked with teams large and small and tailor our offering to match your stage. You’re at an exciting stage as who knows what learning and insights you might be able to uncover.

Why Data management?

Don’t believe in vendor lock in or being held ransom or made to wait for a data management vendor to implement a change at extra cost to you. We take the data as you have it. We’ll give you templates to help you start being more organised. Maximum flexibility with minimum disruption to existing work practise.

How secure is our data?

As custodians of your data we take that responsibility very seriously. Our approaches are constantly under-review to ensure your data is secure. We are currently working towards compliance with the Government’s Cyber Essentials Standard. Furthermore, should you have specific data policies, we’ll be happy to follow these.

Who founded Pace Insights?

Samir Abid founded Pace Insights in 2011. As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Samir has a Degree in in Automotive Engineering Design, Diploma in Motorsport Race Engineering and an MBA from the internationally renowned Warwick Business School. When he’s not busy helping sports professionals, Samir competes as a national racing driver.

What if we need to meet?

We are available subject only to scheduling around prior commitments that we have both made. We will work in-person, by phone, by email and via a dedicated Slack team. You are always welcome to our Leamington Spa offices.

What kind of technologies do you use and why?

We use technologies that will be appropriate for tackling the challenges you give us. Our focus will be on using technologies that result in a minimal on-cost to you. We therefore use mainly well supported open-source tools and technologies, such as Python. We also to use whatever you’ve already invested in; likely to be Tableau, Excel etc. If you’ve any questions or concerns about tech or compatibility, lets talk.

Who makes up your team?

Our team comprises of a Data Scientist, a Data Engineer, an Information Designer, an assistant and a manager, all who handle the specific activities depending on a project’s need for creativity or focus, numbers or visual.

How much can you for a Token?

A surprising amount. We are constantly working on our tools and systems to be able to process data and produce insights more effectively. To see what kind of value we’ve delivered for various sports teams, please setup a consultation call so we can show you.

What happens when we cancel?

Should you decide to not to renew, then any data you have given us we will give back to you and then delete from our systems. Any standalone tools we’ve developed for you, say in Excel, will remain yours to use as you wish. We will provide you with a non-exclusive perpetual licence to use them. The provision of all other services will conclude on the date of your renewal.

Will you support existing tooling and systems?

All systems and tools we produce we will support on an unlimited basis whilst you’re on one of our plans, this includes bug fixes and all hosting and maintenance costs as appropriate. If you want to change or iterate on the functions and features then we’ll do this in a research channel.

I have more questions ...

If you have questions about working with us, fill in your name and email below. We’ll be in touch to schedule a consultation call.

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